Time and Alarm Systems prides itself on providing the best service, installations and low-voltage solutions on each and every project. Backed by an exceptional team of experienced sales engineers, project managers, CAD operators, and technicians, our goal is to deliver clients with custom integrated solutions on time and on budget that fit their project needs. Time and Alarm Systems strives to provide outstanding value and system performance with every project.

Backed by our industry trained and manufacturer certified technicians, all systems are in compliance with current code regulations along with manufacturers’ requirements to guarantee proper function and support for decades to come.

One of our top priorities is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive training on either existing systems or for new installations. As the technology continues to advance, we see the importance and value to not only provide the best systems available, but also to keep our customers informed and trained on the latest technology. We strive to be experts in our craft and take pride in delivering customer satisfaction every day.

What We Offer

Rest assured we will deliver integrated solutions that are designed in compliance
with current code regulations and manufacturer requirements.

Fire Alarm/Life Safety

TAS installs fire and life safety systems to protect lives, property, and assets. Safety features such as voice- based emergency systems, network capability, graphic annunciation, advanced air monitoring, automatic early warning detection and life safety evacuation plans. We custom design these systems to meet specialized requirements so that our client’s facilities, people, and assets are fully protected.

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Security / IP Surveillance / Access Control

Keeping safety first, TAS seamlessly integrates its intrusion, access control, and IP Surveillance equipment for complete site and building safety. All security systems are designed and installed with safety and protection in mind. Utilizing networked communication features, we ensure redundancy and increase survivability to fully protect your assets.

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Networked Communications

We recognize that the security and performance of many IT-centric systems is reliant upon networked communications. TAS is dedicated to quality high-performance copper and fiber solutions to make our client’s campus or facility operate more efficiently, and without downtime. We’ve met stringent qualification requirements and received extensive factory training to engineer, design, and install certified structured cabling systems. Additionally, we are authorized to register your system and offer product and performance warranties from manufacturer partners. We specialize in VoIP-based communication systems, LAN/WAN network systems and remote site access as well as unified telecom services for larger workgroups.

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Mass Notification/Crisis Management

From catastrophic natural disasters to campus security threats, mass notification systems have become critical in crisis management, especially in campus environments. These systems relay concise and timely messages with potentially life-saving communications to students, employees, and visitors in the event of an emergency situation. By seamlessly integrating communication and emergency management tools, these systems effectively provide instructions, information, and warnings to the public.

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Central Station Monitoring

True peace of mind comes from knowing your facility and assets are being protected, even when you can’t be there. Whether we are notifying first responders, or providing remote video surveillance with live video monitoring, TAS is trained in providing proactive support. We provide immediate service to clients, offering a dedicated service line to our service department for routine service issues, as well as a dedicated 1-800 line for urgent access to 24-hour monitoring services from our UL Listed/FM Approved Central Station.

A/V Systems

Advanced Audio/Visual systems have been found to be essential to student learning and retention and are a critical component in today’s education. TAS partners with the leading audio/visual system manufacturers to bring state-of-the-art solutions to all campus environments. Our fully scalable and customizable A/V systems have capacity for remote broadcasting and video editing, include professional sound and projector systems for conference rooms, classrooms, theatres, gymnasiums, outdoor stadiums, auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms. Our designers are CTS-certified to ensure the most functional and code compliant A/V solutions for your needs.

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Inspection Services

Building fire alarm systems are required to be tested per NFPA 72. Inspection services provided by TAS will ensure that you are in compliance with your local building department, fire inspector, and even your insurance carrier. The testing, inspection, and maintenance of your systems ensures reliability and the safe, long-term operation of your equipment. TAS provides preventative maintenance plans with regularly scheduled visits to assure facility and code requirements for all systems including fire alarm, intrusion alarm, access control, intercom/public address, data and audio/visual systems. We are proud to have acquired the first “Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems, Level I NICET certification” in the United States.

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Integrated Communications

TAS is committed to integrating the most innovative and reputable systems on the market in order to ensure a cohesive, multi-layer approach to make a custom end-to-end solution that fits your facility’s needs. By providing the most advanced systems, we are able to seamlessly integrate paging, intercom, bell systems, pre-recorded messages and IP surveillance/security systems.

We Offer The Most Superior Products

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